Concept Store Quartet (verschoben)

Concept Store Quartet (verschoben)

Landscape N°2 - verschoben! Datum noch nicht bekannt.

Bar ab 19:30
Konzert 20:00

Eintritt frei, Kollekte


Datum noch nicht bekannt

Zeitgenössische Musik


Es ist nicht zum ersten Mal, dass im BARAKUBA zeitgenössische Musik zur Aufführung gelangt. Neu ist aber die Zusammenarbeit mit dem jungen und preisgekrönten CONCEPT STORE QUARTET.

Fünf Konzerte sind geplant - am 26. März sind wir in die Reihe mit dem Titel "Landscape CSQ N° 1 - 5" gestartet.

Doch lassen wir das Quartett gleich selbst zu Wort kommen:

Landscape N°1

When you don’t know what to expect, expect to be (positively) surprised! Concept Store Quartet is not a shop. Concept Store Quartet will provide you with music you have probably not heard ever before. Be curious, let yourself be flabbergasted!

This group of violinist, saxophonist, accordionist and percussionist are based in Basel. Because of their unusual set-up they mainly perform pieces written for and premiered by them. Barakuba is a special place where they want to expand their regular, concert-format and experiment, play what they feel like and what they love. This first performance of Landscapes Concept Store Quartet is a beginning of a series of concerts where the quartet will present in comfortable, semi-official environment music of XX and XXI century which they want to invite everyone to get a different taste of. Each concert will bring new surprising component: a new composer, another musician joining the quartet or an entirely unexpected program. The concept is supported by SonicSpace/Music Academy in Basel.

The Landscapes #1 will include music composed by a Greek, a Swiss, an American and played by a Pole, two Spanish and a Slovenian, who will lead you through the concert with a small-talk.

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